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Review Best 10 Indonesian Travel Insurance

In domestic flights in Indonesia, travel insurance is not an obligation. However, to travel to other countries, especially in Europe (Schengen), one must have travel insurance first as a condition for obtaining a visa.

travel insurances in indonesia

Travel insurance is mandatory because European countries and other countries such as the United States would provide protection to people travelling to their territories. This obligation is valid for tourists or those who come for business.

For example, accidents occurred in the country, there is an insurance fund that can be used for financing it. The purpose of the travel insurance is actually for the person's own good.

Travel insurance is different depending on the needs of each person. For sure, there are now online travel insurance that can be purchased without having to bother coming to the insurance office.

Top 10 Travel Insurance in Indonesia

Here is the list of best online travel Insurance in Indonesia 2019 as consideration:

1. Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz Travel Insurance consists of New TravelPro Premium, New TravelPro Deluxe, New TravelPro Superior, and New TravelPro Basic Schengen. The difference each online travel insurance product lies in the benefits and destination country of travel.

Allianz New Travel Pro Premium has a higher premium, but with greater benefits. One of Allianz's excess insurance is the feature Cashless hospital Admission.

With that feature, someone who needs to be hospitalized in the destination country can directly enter the treatment room without having to pay in advance. This is different from Sistemreimburse, where people have to pay a hospital fee and can only ask for reimbursement claims to the insurance afterwards.

To buy Allianz's best online travel insurance, you can visit the website directly. There you will be asked to fill in your personal data and time willingness to be contacted by Allianz. For example you have a free time on March 1, 2019 at 09.00-11.00, you can request to be contacted at that time for further processing.

2. ACA Travel Insurance

In general, the best travel insurance from ACA is divided into two, both international and domestic. International travel Insurance consists of Asia and the Worldwide.

The category is still further divided into VIP, Executive, Deluxe, and Superior. Domestic travel insurance consists of Nusantara 1 and Nusantara 2.

The difference is on the merits of each. The greater the benefits, the higher the premiums. Insurance Deluxe, for example, there is no compensation in case of theft or robbery on the way. VIP Insurance is US $1,000 and Executive of US $500.

Just like Allianz insurance, you can buy ACA online travel insurance by completing the form first. Later, you will be contacted in relation to product details and premium payment.

3. Chubb Travel Insurance

Chubb Travel insurance consists of domestic and international packages. There are three categories for each package, namely Deluxe, Superior, and standard.

Deluxe package provides the most benefits but with the highest premiums. To purchase the best online travel insurance from Chubb, you can visit the website directly.

There is a choice whether you will buy insurance for one trip or multitrip. After that there is a choice according to travel data, such as destination country. Once all data is filled, you'll be taken to the payment options.

Chubb Online travel Insurance information can be said to be very comprehensive on its website. It looks interesting and easy to understand.

In addition, there is information about which countries are currently in warning status. For example, in the midst of terror in France, there will be information travel Advisory of the country.

4. AXA Travel Insurance

AXA Online travel insurance offers convenience through its three types of offerings, namely AXA Smart Traveller Platinum, Gold, and Asia specials. Features vary.

Axa Smart Traveller Platinum and Gold are valid for travel worldwide. While Asian special special for Asian region only.

The Axa Platinum Travel Insurance premium is higher than that of Gold and Asia. But the benefits are also the most.

You can directly purchase this online travel insurance on the AXA website by completing the form provided. There is also a promo code column that can be filled in if you have one to get a discount or a discounted premium.

5. AXA Mandiri Travel Insurance

This travel insurance is different from AXA. AXA Mandiri is a joint business between AXA and Bank Mandiri. The term isbancassurance.

AXA Mandiri Online travel insurance can be purchased on its website with a guide. So prospective buyers will be directed to the insurance product that suits the needs of each.

To tailor your needs with the right insurance product, you will be given a number of questions about whether you want to go to Asia or Europe, how long the trip, how many earnings per year, and so on. After answering those questions, you will be presented with an insurance option that should suit your needs.

On the AXA Mandiri website There is also a "Find your needs" feature if you are still not sure what kind of travel insurance is needed. Unfortunately, the new AXA Mandiri online travel insurance can be purchased with a Visa or Mastercard credit card.

6. Travel Insurance Simasnet

Simasnet Travel Insurance is an insurance service from Sinar Mas. This service is available online for the protection of domestic and foreign travel risks.

For domestic travel, there is a national guarantee. Foreign travel insurance is protected by Overseas guarantee.

Before deciding to buy online travel insurance from Simasnet, you can first preview the product introduction video. There is also a guide to choosing which travel insurance is best for your journey.

You will be asked to fill in your personal data and travel plans to purchase insurance from Simasnet. After all the data is filled, you will be contacted by Simasnet for the next steps.

7. Travel Insurance of Tokio Marine

The New Travel Partner Tokio Marine Travel Insurance consists of two types of domestic insurance and four types of overseas travel insurance. That includes one package for travel all over the world.

Each package has a premium tariff varies depending on the type of travel and the benefits provided. The highest policy package is in the Platinum category, and then the Gold package. Silver package is cheaper. Packages for travel insurance worldwide have only one fare option.

Online travel insurance Tokio Marine can be purchased directly on its website. Look at the pages of the site, because sometimes discounted discount programs if you purchase Tokio Marine Travel insurance online.

8. Zurich Travel Insurance

Lastly, there is Zurich travel insurance. The protection services offered are for domestic travel or Zurich Domestic Travel and abroad aka Zurich Passport. There are also special travel insurance for Hajj/Umrah trips and to the Holy Land of Jerusalem.

Zurich Travel insurance can be purchased via the Zurich Click website. You can check the premium price by completing the itinerary form on the site.

From that data, Zurich will give you the best deals. Whether it's Gold, Silver or Deluxe packages. Don't forget to fill in a promotional coupon code if you have a discount.

Once you feel the bid provided matches, click Buy Now. You will be asked to fill in the data and then asked to pay by credit card.

9. Lippo Travel Insurance

From Lippo, there are travel insurance MyTravel. Lippo insurance is divided into two, namely domestic and international. For domestic insurance There is only one option.

MyTravel International covers Worldwide Premier, Worldwide Executive, and Worldwide standards and Asia Specialist. Worldwide Premier Insurance is the most high, while the standard is the lowest.

cashless for friend very useful when the sudden need to be hospitalized in the destination country. You or others who are dependents can be directly handled without needing to exit the fare yourself.

Lippo Online insurance can be purchased on its website after completing the data. Better yet, you can make a claim online by logging in to the Lippo site and uploading the documents of the claim terms as a condition.

10. Travel Insurance MNC

MNC does not only have media companies, but also financial services and insurance. MNC Insurance offers the best travel insurance that can be purchased online.

MNC Travel insurance services include MNC Travel domestic and MNC Travel Express for international travel. MNC Travel Express has three options, namely Silver, Gold, and Platinum according to the benefits that can be obtained.

You can buy MNC online travel insurance by logging into the site. However, to see what each package features, you need to log in first. You can also connect a Google or Facebook account to sign in.

Good, MNC Insurance has an online application that can bedownloadin Android playstore or Apple's App Store. You can enjoy the information about the police, claim, until the number you can call when you need it in your phone.

Why buy travel Insurance

Buying travel insurance online or directly to its office has not become the habit of most Indonesians. Whereas this protection service is important to provide protection on the go.

Not only tourists or those traveling for travel, but also businessmen need this insurance. For example, during a trip or at a destination, travel insurance is a refusal.

Protection provided by travel insurance generally includes:
  • Sick
  • Accident
  • Death
  • Criminal

The exceptions apply to victims of war, pre-existing diseases, and also the calamities that occur due to legal cases.

What are the considerations

Before stating "This is best travel insurance for me," You have to do some things first. The point is avoiding the wrong select.

The online travel insurance is purchased right away. Hard, even impossible, to make a revision of the purchase.

Here's what to do before you buy travel insurance:

1. Thorough police

Insurance policy is very long and the words are complicated. But you should still read it to avoid misunderstanding. There are many cases people are disappointed to buy travel insurance because claims denied. Usut had a usut, apparently the risk he claims was not in-coverby the Insurance.

2. Inexpensive not the same as the bad

The cheapest insurance package is what gives the fewest guarantees. But that doesn't mean the most expensive package is your best travel insurance. Everything depends on the needs of each. So understand your needs first before paying.

3. See the network

Ask your network of insurance companies at your travel destination. The wider the network, the easier it is to claim and ask about travel insurance provided. The network includes hospitals that cooperate with insurance parties.

4. Track Record

Experience is the number one teacher. If you have never purchased online travel insurance, ask your acquaintances, relatives, or colleagues ever. Do not hesitate to ask for input, especially good and bad judgment. Put this track record is not an absolute thing. The final decision remains in your hand.

Travel Insurance has its own features depending on the duration of travel, destination, number of people traveling, and benefits provided. Every company certainly strives to provide the best travel insurance.

We as consumers benefit from having more choices. We can also compare each product in a variety of ways, including using product Comparison site.

This site not only provides information about travel insurance services, but also many other financial services. Includes the means to buy online. Our lives decide which is the best and most fit for your needs.


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