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Ultimate Guide To Holidays in Karangasem - Bali Island

Bali No merely Kuta, Karangasem area also quite popular and visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. This capital region of Amlapura has the most excellent tourist attraction, the biggest ura in Bali, Pura besakih. The majority of the Hindu population are very religious, so almost every day is found ritual activity.

The economy of Karangasem is growing. Not only farmers, fishermen, merchants, craftsmen who are a livelihood in this region, but also many young entrepreneurs from corners of the village who actively build the area, especially in the field of tourism.

In addition, the area of Karangasem also has the potential of culinary tourism dominated by seafood and famous for various processed salak fruit. These include souvenirs typical of Karangasem, such as Salak chips, Salak Ashinan, Honey Salak, Dodol Salak, and wine Salak.

    Karangasem Main Region

    Karangasem has eight sub-districts, three subdistricts, 75 villages, 52 neighborhoods and 552 hamlets. These sub-districts include:
    • Kubu
    • Rendang
    • Abang
    • Sidemen
    • Strait
    • Bebandem
    • Karangasem
    • Mangosteen

    How to Get to Karangasem

    After arriving at I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport, you must travel 88 kilometers to Karangasem in about two hours ' drive. Along the way to Karangasem, you will see a captivating panorama of East Bali with its hills and picturesque rice fields. It's good to rent a car with a driver to make it easier for you to reach your destination.

    Karangasem is Asah Hill via @charliekuta
    In addition, Trans Sarbagita also become another option to reach Karangasem with the Nusa Dua-Batubulan route. From Batubulan, you can take public transportation in the form of minibus to Karangasem, which stops first at Klungkung Terminal before continuing the journey to Karangasem.

    Public Transport in Karangasem

    The means of public transportation in the East Bali area are very rare, so you can use taxis but be prepared for a hefty fee. It doesn't hurt to rent a car or motorcycle while traveling around Karangasem for your comfort and convenience. Ojek is also a reliable transportation while in the region.

    Tourist Attractions in Karangasem

    There are several interesting places of Karangasem tourism. Below is a list of sightseeing spots in Karangasem that you can visit:

    Pura Besakih

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Pura Besakih Karangasem Bali island
    Credit: rentalmobilbali.net

    The largest temple in Bali which is a collection of several temples in the area.

    Pura Besakih is a place of Hindu religious worship in Bali. In addition to this temple area, there is not only one temple, but many temples. Because there are so many temples in one area, then Pura Besakih Bali is the biggest temple in Indonesia.

    Pura Besakih Bali is also often referred to by the name of Pura Agung Besakih. The location of Pura Besakih is located in Besakih village, Rendang District, Karangasem Regency, Bali.

    Pura Besakih Bali consists of 1 center of the temple named Pura Penataran Agung Besakih and there are 18 accompanying temples that are around from the Pura Penataran Agung Besakih. 1 Fruit Pura Basukian and 17 other temples.

    If you have seen pictures of this temple, you will see a lot of stairs and there is a very large gate. The gate is the entrance to the center area of Pura Penataran Agung Besakih.

    Besakih Temple in Bali is a center of religious activities for Balinese Hindu and Pura Penataran Agung Besakih is the biggest temple in this temple area. Pura Penataran Agung Besakih Most have a place or building for worship. The Balinese are commonly called Pelinggih and are the center of this temple.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: rentalmobilbali.net

    The goal is that when you travel to one of the temple tourism places in Bali, you already have an overview of the tourist spots in Bali that you visit.

    Besakih Grand Temple in Bali has been known to the Macanegara, so many foreign or domestic tourists who travel to this place. The great saking of this temple, Besakih temple Agung got the name as his mother from Pura in Bali.

    If now you see a magnificent temple building, it was once the location of this temple is a wilderness. Of course, you can imagine the wilderness of old days, there are certainly many animals. Sorry little digress a bit.

    The History of Besakih temple briefly

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: rentalmobilbali.net

    You definitely ask who built this temple for the first time? At first I also did not know, but after reading the historical book about the temple in Bali then I know the answer. The builder of Pura Besakih is an Indian Hindu religious figure who has long settled in the island of Java, his name is Rsi Markandeya.

    It is said that there is no Bali Strait as now, because the island of Java and the island of Bali is still one and has not been separated by the sea. Because the length of the island that we call now with the name of Java and Island of Bali, then this island is named Dawa Island which means Long Island.

    The beginning of the first Rsi Markandeya founder of this temple, had a tapa in Mount Hyang (Mount Dieng in Central Java). After a long time in Tapa Markandeya received a revelation to take the forest on Dawa Island from the south to the north.

    In the place of the forest, Rsi Markandeya planted a jug containing metal and holy water. These metals include gold metals, silver metals, copper metals, iron metals and bronze metals. The five metals were called by Mama Pancadatu.

    Besides metals also participated and planted gems called Mirahadi which means the main Mirah. This place of planting is called Basuki which means congratulations. Given the name Basuki or congratulations because in the forest of the followers of Rsi Markandeya safely carry out its duties. By Berjalanyan time the name Basuki changed to Besakih.

    Bekasih Temple Opening Hours

    Opening hours for tourists can visit from 08:00 – 17:00, but for those who want to pray for the temple open 24-hours

    Jambul Hill

    Bukit Jambul Karangasem is another interesting place to be found in Karangasem Regency, Bali. In this place, tourists will be able to see the green and natural scenery of Karangasem nature. The existence of Bukit Jambul is increasingly ordained the island of Bali as a province that has environmentally friendly tourism policy.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Jambul Hill Karangasem Bali island
    Credit: kintamani.id

    Located on a plateau with a height of 500 meters above sea level (MDPL), visitors will be able to feel the cool atmosphere here. The atmosphere will be more and more relaxing, thanks to the view of green forest and rice terraces in Karangasem Jambul Hill. Will make your stay more comfortable to linger in this place.

    Tourists who come here will spend a lot of time taking pictures while relaxing. Above all, here tourists can not only see rice fields and green forest. The exotic compacter of the island clusters on Nusa Penida can also be witnessed from this place. In addition, in Bukit Jambul there is also a temple that is actively kept clean by the local community.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    Karangasem Jambul Hill Culinary Tour

    During your visit to Jambul Hill, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the culinary there. Around this place, you will be able to explore the existence of restaurants that serve a variety of menus, both Indonesian and foreign food menu.

    However, being the main attraction of the restaurants around Karangasem Jambul Hill is the view. Visitors will be able to enjoy the food while watching the green scenery.

    Some restaurants that are often the location of the stopover in Karangasem Bukit Jambul are cofee shop Green Hills or also Puri Boga restaurant. The facility is a large parking area that is the second cause of this place is chosen by tourists.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    Important Tips when visiting Karangasem Jambul Hill

    The best time to see the beautiful scenery in Bukit Jambul is in the morning. You will be able to witness an exotic atmosphere with a thin mist wrap that adorns the area of this hill. In addition, please note, you must bring a good camera if you are here. It is unfortunate to come here without taking the camera.

    Location and how to get to Karangasem Hill

    Bukit Jambul is located in Pasaban Village, Rendang subdistrict in Karangasem Regency, approximately 1.5 kilometers from the center of Denpasar. Tourists usually stop by at this place when they visit Besakih Temple.

    The way to visit this place after the temple of Besakih is indeed a widely selected activity. Furthermore, you can take a motor vehicle for approximately 30 minutes from Besakih temple to get here. Its location right on the edge of the main line between Klungkung and Besakih Temple makes this place easy to find.

    How? This green landscape in Karangasem Jambul Hill is very interesting, right? So, for those of you who plan to travel holiday to Bali, there is no need to be confused in finding a fun holiday spot. Bukit Jambul in Karangasem can be a solution for an interesting stopover location.

    Taman Ujung

    Not only the beach and nature tourism. But it also has an interesting historical place. Ujung Karangasem Park is one of them. This place is widely known as a photo location prewedding favorite in Bali and is known as a water Palace of Karangasem Kingdom heritage. In the Dutch colonial era, Taman Ujung is called Waterpaleis which means water castle.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    The bride and groom chose the Ujung Karangasem Garden as the location of your favorite photo prewedding because this building has an amazing architecture. The park, known as Sukasada Park, was built on the 1909 by request from the Royal Kingdom of Karangasem, I Gusti Bagus Jelantik which has the title of the Great Supreme son Ketut Karangasem Anglurah.

    Construction of the Ujung Karangasem Garden is done by using Dutch architecture van Den Hentz and Chinese architecture named Loto Ang. Nevertheless, this water castle building is made using typical Balinese architectural design. The construction of this palace, initially was an extension of the pond Dirah which was built in the year 1901.

    The construction of this water castle takes quite a long time. Just imagine, new in 1921, construction of the official garden Edge was completed. Furthermore, the Palace recorded as the personal ownership rights of the Karangasem royal Family was created by a marble inscription that reads in two languages, namely Balinese and Malay.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    Unfortunately, the existence of this water castle was buried by the era. At the beginning of its construction, Taman Ujung Karangasem has an area of 400 hectares. However, the current area of this water palace complex only reaches 10 hectares. The reason for the reduction of land in this palace was that most of the territory was distributed to the people during land reform.

    In addition, the Taman Ujung Karangasem also suffered from severe damage. The damage occurred precisely in the year 1963. The damage was caused by the eruption of Mount Agung, known as the highest mountain on the island of Bali.

    Furthermore, the provincial government of Bali also had improvements to the building conditions in this place. Among them was the renovation process in the year 2000. The renovation process is done without making changes to the original design of the building.

    Location Park Ujung Karangasem

    Taman Ujung is located in Banjar Ujung which is included in the area of Tumbu village in Karangasem District, Bali. To get to this one tourist attraction, the best way to use is to use a private vehicle rental service. Above, the availability of public transportation to this place is quite minimal.

    Karangasem Park admission ticket

    The tourists who are interested in the architectural beauty of the building at Ujung Karangasem Garden Water Palace do not need to spend much money. The admission fee is only Rp 10,000, 000 per person. Furthermore, there is a car park fee of five thousand rupiah.

    Tirta Gangga

    The tourist attraction of Tirta Gangga, was formerly a royal water park Karangasem in East Bali. Currently Taman Tirta Gangga Karangasem serves as a tourist spot in East Bali. If you have any questions, whether there are tourist spots that are rarely visited in Bali by Indonesian tourists, this Bali water park is the answer. The majority of tourists who holiday to Taman Tirta Gangga Karangasem are foreign tourists. But nowadays, water park tourism Object Tirta Gangga has begun to interest Indonesian tourists although not much.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: rentalmobilbali.net

    Location of Tirta Gangga Bali attraction
    The tourism object of Tirta Gangga Bali is located in Karangasem Regency, a regency in East Bali. If you stay at Kuta tourist attractions, you will take 2 hours of travel time by car. If you need a directions map to find a location from Tirtagangga Karangasem Bali Park, please use this link, location Taman Tirtagangga Karangasem.

    In addition to the tourism object Tirtagangga, Karangasem regency also has interesting tourist spots for you to visit, such as Candidasa, Taman Ujung Sukasada, Amed Beach and Tulamben (a beach that is a favorite black sand tourists to do activities Diving).

    Things to do in Tirta Gangga Bali

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: rentalmobilbali.net

    There are three main things in Taman Tirta Gangga Karangasem, garden, Water pond and sculpture. The location of Taman Tirta Gangga Karangasem, located in the middle of rice fields and water in this park comes from the spring of Rejasa. The park still belongs to the kingdom of Karangasem.

    The area of Tirtagangga Park is 1.2 hectares, which extends from east to west. There are three levels of building in Tirtagangga Bali Park. In the tallest building, there are springs that are under the banyan tree. Second-level building, there is a swimming pool and the bottom of the building there is an ornamental pond with fountains.

    When the tourists enter Tirtagangga Park, the first thing that tourists see is the expanse of the water pond and there is one temple that rises high on the right. In the water pond, tourists can see the ornamental fish and the base of the pond. Water in the garden is very clear and cool, because the pond water comes from spring water not from processed water. The springs in Tirtagangga Park by local communities are regarded as holy water. Used in religious ceremonies in the area around Tirtagangga Park.

    Rejasa Springs have a very large amount of water, clear and soothing. A third of the Rejasa Springs supply was sent to the resident's house in the city of Amlapura (the capital of Karangasem) and its two thirds were used to fill the pond and the output of the pond water directly in the use for agriculture.

    The author once tried swimming in the water pond of Tirta Gangga, the water is very cool and clear. It tastes totally different with a swim in the modern swimming pool. I suggest if you are on vacation to the attraction of Tirta Gangga, to take a dip in this bathing pond. You must bring a change of clothes and towel, if you plan to try the bathing pool of Rejasa springs.

    History of Tirta Gangga Karangasem

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: rentalmobilbali.net

    The name of the attraction of Tirta Gangga, is derived from the word Tirta which means holy water and Ganges which means the name of the river in India. Tirtagangga Karangasem Water Park, built in 1946 by the King of Karangasem, Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem Agung.

    The garden complex of Tirta Gangga Karangasem was previously destroyed by the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963. The Karangasem district government rebuilt the park and is intended for tourist areas.

    Best way to Go to Tirta Gangga

    If you have never visited East Bali tourist area, we recommend you use cheap car rental service in Bali with driver. There is a reason why we advise you to use cheap car rental services in Bali with driver.

    With the driver who drove, you will not get lost and do not waste time on the road.
    Because of the mileage far away from the southern Bali attractions, then you can rest in the car.
    The cost of transfortation is cheaper, because the cost of car rental with drivers in Bali is calculated per 12 hours in 1 day.

    Tirta Gangga Karangasem Bali Admission ticket price

    To be able to enter Tirtagangga tourism object, you will be charged a admission fee of Rp 15,000/person. If you want to swim, there will be an additional charge of Rp 6,000/person.

    Tulamben Beach

    Beautiful beaches in Bali will never be tired to always serve the beauty of its natural panorama. Tulamben Beach has always shown an exotic underwater scenery. Tulamben Beach is very famous as the best spot for diving and snorkeling.

    If you are a diving or snorkeling lover, visit Tulamben Beach should be on your list of visits. Because in the waters of Tulamben, there are many dive spots that amaze the eyes. The location is quite far from Ngurah Rai airport Denpasar about 100 km with a time about 2-3 hours drive.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    However, because the location that is in the countryside will treat the fatigue during the journey with the natural atmosphere of the village is still cool and natural. Tulamben is not only a favorite place for diving, but also as a place for mountain explorers to conquer Mount Agung because it is located at the foot of Mount Agung.

    Tulamben Beach is not white sandy like the beach in general, even there is no sand on its shores. There is a river rock with a varied shape, some small there is a big one. This rock is not sharp even smooth and can be safely stepped on foot. The beach also does not feel hot like most other beaches, because there are many trees that grow as a patron of the heat of the sun.

    The American warship wreck of Tulamben Beach

    The favorite spot for diving and snorkeling at Tulamben Beach is the American-owned USAT Liberty warship shot in Japan during World War 2. The ship is a logistics vessel for American soldiers.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    The Japanese ship, which was 120 meters long, was originally stranded by the coast. At first there was an attempt to rescue the ship, but due to much damage and leakage on the ship so it was left on the beach.

    But in 1963 when Mount Agung erupted, the ship was dragged into the middle of the sea and drowned in the middle of the ocean by itself. Now, the location of the battleship is home to thousands of marine creatures and offers a magnificent view.

    The best time to dive in the area is when it is morning and it is recommended no later than 11 noon. This is because Tulamben is located in the east so that when the morning the dive visibility can reach 30 meters. With crystal clear sea water in the morning, added excitement when diving with beautiful fish here.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    As a tourist site frequented by world divers, there are many diving and snorkeling equipment providers for rent. Even those who want to stay and want to feel alive in the silence of the village environment can also stay in several homestay, bungalow or hotel.

    Tulamben Beach Location

    This beach with stunning underwater scenery is located in Tulamben Village and adjacent to Amed Beach. This beach is included in the administrative area of Kubu District, Karangasem Regency, Bali province.


    Balinese people are known to still uphold the indigenous and cultural heritage of ancestors. One of them is the village of traditional Tenganan pegringness, which is one of the category village of Bali Aga. In this village, visitors will find an ancestral cultural heritage that is still preserved by its people.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    In terms of everyday language use, there is uniqueness of using Balinese language that is smooth and each logic ends with "a" when meeting with guests visiting the village. From the accent and pronunciation, the language used is unique and distinct. There are also special languages that are used as calls for men and women. For men have a call "Cong", while for women have a call "Nyi".

    To form buildings for both traditional and residential buildings, it has a distinction and uniqueness that is not found in any area of Bali. Each customary building has different places and functions, both for the customary activities of the community and as a family dwelling.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    The bale-Bale is built lined from the south to the north. The southernmost is Bale Agung, then followed by Bale Kulkul in the north. Followed by Bale Jineng Petemu Kelod, Bale Petemu Kelod, Bale Gambang, Bale Banjar. Then Bale Jineng Nungnungan, Bale Jineng, central Petemu, Bale Center, Bale Glebeg. Then Bale Jineng Petemu Kaje, Bale Petemu Kaje, Wantilan, Balai loud, Bale Ayung. The most northern one is Bale Banjar.

    Cloth Gringsing, the uniqueness of the village traditional Tenganan pegringslimming

    The majority of residents of Tenganan Pegringwaan's village are a farmer. But there are also some people who are craftsmen. Handicrafts made by the inhabitants include Ukir-ukiran, woven bamboo, paintings on lontar leaves and woven fabrics.

    Woven cloth produced by the inhabitants of Tenganan village is known as cloth Gringsing. Weaving cloth typical of Tenganan village community is very famous even already worldwide. Its workmanship techniques use double connective technique, which is known as the only weaving technique in Indonesia.

    Every year in July was held a Pandanus war (the tradition of Pandan Mageret). This tradition is very unique, which is a pair of village youth hitting each other using thorns in pandan leaves. These spiked pandan leaves Dipukulkan on their backs until they get injured and bleed.

    After the war was held, injuries were immediately treated with traditional medicines of tubers. This tradition is done to train the people physical and mental Tenganan village. When this tradition takes place, many tourists come to witness even photographers come to cover.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    The village of traditional Tenganan pegringality of Bali is one example of a village that still maintains ancestral customs and culture. Not only as a tourist destination but also as an educational tool for every visitor to the existence of culture that must be kept and preserved.

    Location of traditional village of Tenganan pegringslimming

    Traditional village of Tenganan Pegringwaan is included in the area of Manggis District, Karangasem Regency, Bali. It is about 70 km from Ngurah Rai airport Bali. This tourism and cultural village is still very crowded with ancestral cultural customs. From the colloquial language used to the layout and shape of the building of each resident house.


    This island also provides many diving spots. One of the areas in Bali, Amed Diving Spot. Each of the spotiness is beautiful and has its own uniqueness. For you who are diving lovers must go to Amed and visit the diving spots that exist.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    Location of Amed Diving Spot
    Amed is located in East Bali and is about 102 km from Ngurah Rai Airport. The best location for diving or snorkeling that is Amed Beach and the Seas of the loose sea around Amed beach. Amed has outstanding diving spots.

    Some diving spots that you can visit while in Amed are:

    Amed Diving Spot: Japanese Ship Wreck

    Diving enthusiasts will be amazed when you visit this one spot. The Japanese Ship Wreck has a depth of 5-25 meters. You can find pigmy sea horses, leaf fish, scorpion fish, and some other types of fish and sea creatures.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    One more thing that makes this one unique spot is the Japanese shipwreck. The sinking wreck is also decorated with corals. The existence of this shipwreck also provides uniqueness and aesthetics for this place.

    Amed Diving Spot: Jemeluk Bay

    The white sand beach in this bay has a calm flow so it is suitable for diving place. Its depth is 5-25 meters. You can dive together with sea horses, frogfish, crabs, prawns, turtles and sharks that can also be seen in the depths, and many more.

    In addition to offering underwater views that are decorated by cute corals and fishes, in Jemeluk Bay, there is also a temple. The temple this time is under the sea. This temple was made by fish as a place to play or hide.

    Amed Diving Spot: Bunutan

    One of the favorite diving spots has a depth of 10-40 meters. At the beginning of the dive you can watch thousands of eel garden emerge from the sandy bottom. You just have to float and see a variety of sharks ranging from white tip, balck tip, and even bigger species.

    There are also Tuna, Barracudas, Giant Trevally and many more. This one dive Spot is also very big. There is also a coral garden with a depth of 50 meters and more than 500 meters in length.

    Amed Diving Spot: Pyramids

    If you want to go to this pyramids, you just need a few more of them by boat from Jemeluk Beach, then you will arrive. The Pyramids provide you with a varied marine life.

    You can see the nice coral reefs. Some sea creatures will also accompany your diving moments. You will often see Kurakura, sharks, Napoleon Wrasse, many nudebranches, as well as other macro life. In addition to these places, Amed also still has diving spots that you can visit such as, Gili Selang, Jetty Cliff, and some others.

    Diving into the marine life in Amed area will make for you an unforgettable dive experience. In addition to the scenery of fish and coral reefs that can spoil you, some of them also have uniqueness such as there are some objects or historical places, so make sure Amed is a diving destination for you.

    Padang Bai

    The name of Padang Bai beach in Bali is known as the main crossing to the island of Lombok, Nusa Penida, and the Gili Islands and other islands in West Nusa Tenggara. But who is sangka, the beach in Padang Bai is also not less beautiful lho compared to the other row of beaches in the island of Bali?

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    Padang Bai Beach, which is owned by the port city, turns out to save extraordinary beauty beside the bustle of boat activities in the harbor. Padang Bai Beach, famous for its beauty because of its wide white sand and clear sea.

    Padang Bai Port Beach from Denpasar City is about 53 km eastwards, crossing By Pass Ida Bagus Mantra or about 30 km from the city of Amlapura. Padang Bai Port is very popular among foreign tourists, because it is used for fast boat port to Gili Trawangan.

    The name Padang Bai was actually given by the Dutch. Formerly this village named Padang Village. Because it is located in a shallow bay with calm waters, the Dutch in the effort to make Bali as a colony began to build the TANGSI and the port there.

    By the Dutch, the Bay of Padang is called Padang Baai. Baai in Dutch means bay. After independence, the name of Padang village was changed to Teluk Padang. However, tourists and the authors of travel books foreign, call it Padang Bay, which in its translation means Teluk Padang. Therefore, the name of Padang Bai was used.

    Padang Bai Beach has beautiful coral rocks and beautiful. Its sheltered location in the bay makes the water flow calm and not so deep. For diving lovers, diving in Padang Bai Beach area will feel different because the water temperature is cooler and visibility in water is low. One of the best spots for diving is not too far from the beach and can be reached by a fishing boat (Jukung). There are also rows of cafes that make this place as a location for fun hangout in Bali Island.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    There are two beaches included in the Padang Bai beach area. To the east is the Blue Lagoon beach and on the west of the beach is the beach Bias Tugel. Blue Lagoon Beach has bigger textured sand like pepper. Meanwhile, the white sand's Bias Tugel beach is softer and softly textured with its very blue water.

    Location of Padang Bai Beach

    Padang Bai Beach is located in Padang Bai village, Manggis District, Karangasem Regency, on the east side of Bali Island.

    How to get to Padang Bai Beach

    The best way to get to Padang Bai Beach is to rent a car in Bali. This is because you don't have to bother looking for a directional map and are safer and more convenient because the drivers can wait for you on site. In addition, there is also public transportation in Ubung bus station that serves the trip from Denpasar to Padang Bai port.

    Pura Lempayung

    Pura Lempuyang Luhur One of the tourist attractions in Bali, and is also a holy place for Hindus, the temple is located the eastern part of the island of the gods precisely in Karangasem Regency. In Bali tourist map, Lempuyang Luhur Temple is a destination for hiking that is quite interesting for tourists, especially those who stay in East Bali area such as Amed, Trtagangga and Candidasa, because the location is adjacent. Before you climb and arrive at Pura Lempuyang Luhur, it will first arrive at Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang.

    This temple is located on the slopes of Mount Lempuyang, Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang with a backdrop to the magnificent panorama of Mount Agung, so today Pura Penataran Agung is a tourist destination that hits in the area of East Bali (Karangasem). Returning to Pura Lempuyang Luhur, beside as a holy place, Pura Sad Kahyangan Lempuyang Luhur has its own uniqueness such as natural purity, especially forest areas, not to be touched by the beauty of the valley, as well as the East Bali coast, Look amazing. Tropical trees flourishes, fitting into the lungs of the island of the gods.

    Travelers who love trekking tours, doing a hike to Pura Luhur Lempuyang will give you the thrill and experience of beautiful, unique and challenging there are several hiking trails to the summit, if you want more easily, already provided on the main line With stairs Berundak, commonly also used by Hindus as a worship path. Arrange your tour agenda to visit the tourism object of Karangasem Regency, you also rent a car in Bali, so the trip can be flexible LEVIH

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: balitoursclub.com

    The beginning of the journey begins with the bending of the climb, the first place we can visit is Pura Lempuyang Madya including Dang Kahyangan temple. The status of Kasungsung (revered) by Hindu in the temple was convinced that Ida Batara Empu Agenijaya and Empu Manik Geni.

    He, the Empu Agenijaya brothers Seven, among them Mpu Kuturan, Mpu Baradah and Mpu Semeru. While Palinggih existing Palinggih Bebaturan linggih Batara Empu Agenijaya sareng Empu Manikgeni, Gedong overlay Siki (one), two and three, Manjangan Saluang, Sanggar Agung, Bale Pawedaan, and Bale messaged.

    For tourists who want to travel tour and take a trekking tour, want to see the beauty of the peak of Mount Lempuyang/Bukit Bisbis to the main temple Sad Kahyangan Lempuyang Luhur at the top we have to walk more than 1,700 (one thousand seven hundred) Stairs, on the way to the top of this we are treated to a refreshing atmosphere.

    The cool air of the forest is still natural, the voices of animals and natural landscapes Karangasemis The regency is stunning, and more unique. It takes an extra effort to reach the top, the thickets of the shrub scattered between tropical trees, birds chirping in the wild, and stray monkeys appear to be hanging, the treats become entertainment on the way.

    For Hindus who want to Tangkil (come to pray) to Pura Sad Kahyangan Lempuyang Luhur, as well as tourists with tourist destinations, some things worth being prepared is physical endurance, and of course the heart of sincere pure. For the Hindu worship to the temple Lihur Lempuyang need extra effort, because it must climb the stairs uphill to thousands of stairs.

    For the people or even tourists who climb to Pura Lempuyang Luhur, then a number of restrictions should we obey that is not to be said rude during the trip, people Cuntaka (such as family dies), menstrual women, breastfeeding, children who have not date dental Milk should not first enter the temple or pray to the local temple, carrying or eating pork is also not allowed. Hindu residents make a spiritual journey to this temple need to Keiklasan, it is said to abstain the word  "tired "

    Lempuyang Luhur Temple

    As a travel agent based in the center of Denpasar City, then we are committed to provide a variety of recreation such as complete package tour car rental in Bali including experienced driver from us. For pick up and drop off area car in Kuta, Denpasar, Nusa Dua, Canggu, Jimbaran and Sanur. A number of other tourism activities we also prepare for you such as Tanjung Benoa watersport, rafting and Ayung Telaga Waja rafting, and cruise activities such as those provided by Quicksilver.

    Take a tour to the east of Bali, like one to Lempuyang, if you travel from Ngurah Rai Airport through the bypass Ida Bagus Mantra, a number of tourist attractions in Bali you can visit such as Taman Bali Safari and Marine Park, Goa Lawah , Bllue Lagoon, Labuhan Amuk Beach Recreation Place

    Asah Hill

    It is a holiday spot that has a beautiful scenery on the island of Bali. In this place, you have the opportunity to set up a tent on a vast expanse of land. In addition, you can also enjoy the blue ocean view. Cool, right?

    Asah Hill Karangasem is a hill that is a land of grass. The admiration of this place is increasingly felt because of the beautiful panorama that is presented in front of the eyes. Not only the blue sea water is the main view, but also cool and fresh air adds to the enjoyment of relaxation enjoying nature.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    Its location in the hills is perfect as a reliever and a place of escape from the the of city life. It's clear if the Asah hill is very attractive to tourists as a favorite location for refresing.

    Amazing Sunrise view at Karangasem Asah Hill

    The beauty of Asah Hill is not enough to be there. Sunrise when Morning is the most beautiful moment when viewed from Asah Hill. The sun appearing on the East Horizon looks very enchanting eyes. So it is when the sun goes down on the West horizon. Sunset also looks stunning when enjoyed from the Asah Hill.

    Initially, the Asah Hill was only a plain in the light of the young children to refreshing lightly. But since its existence was caught in the camera and uploaded to social media, Asah Hill became a mandatory tourist destination that came to Bali especially to Karangasem.

    The activities that are also very fun to do here are camping or camp. While enjoying the free air on the stretch of grass with a view of the sea to add gratitude to the natural beauty of God's creations.

    How to get to Karangasem Hill location

    To Karangasem Asah Hill takes 2 hours drive from Denpasar or about 3 hours drive if from Singaraja. The location of Asah Hill is located in Bugbug Village, Karangasem, Bali.

    From Denpasar to Bugbug village, you will find a bridge on the highway Karangasem-Klungkung. 200 meters after the bridge, there will be a T-junction. Take the right lane and just follow the road in about 15 minutes to Karangasem Asah Hill.

    Road access is not yet smooth because it is only a non-governmental community. Therefore, it is advisable to bring two-wheeled vehicles to reach the location. Due to its unspoiled location, visitors must maintain cleanliness. Do not forget to always carry the camera to photograph all the beauty of the Asah Hill.

    Camping in Karangasem Asah Hill

    If you want to camp, you must ask for permission or report to local villagers and still maintain ethics and do not dispose of garbage.

    Because it is a hilly land, then if it comes in the rainy season is flaccid textured and slippery. And if the dry season, the soil is dry and dusty. So you should stay careful while driving to the location of Asah Hill.

    The admission ticket is only Rp 2,000 and for those who want to camp can rent a tent with a price of IDR 80,000/night. Cheap to festive right? With a vacation in this place, you will feel a closer experience with nature.

    Labuan Amuk

    In Bali, there are many kinds of beaches that bring their own charm. Labuhan Amuk Karangasem Beach Its name, a beach that can bring the uniqueness and beauty of Bali's stunning underwater nature.

    Have you heard of this beach? Indeed, this beach is still very rare visitors. This could be due to the location of the beach that is far from the highway, so rarely exposed by the tourist.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    Address Labuhan Amuk Karangasem Beach

    This beach is located in Labuhan Amuk, Manggis District, Karangasem, Karangasem Regency, Bali. But although this beach is still not as famous as other beaches in Bali, but in terms of its beauty will not lose with the other beach.

    The surrounding natural beauty, surrounded by green hills, clear water blue and white and black sand with a combination creates a beautiful atmosphere.

    Especially if you are looking at one of the attractions, then we will see a view of a jetty owned by PERTAMINA Inc. and a line of fishing boats in line. Very beautiful view and refreshing eyes.

    This beach offers a wide range of facilities that can fulfill the wishes of tourists while diving and snorkeling. Various types of underwater enchantment are ready to make tourists fall in love. Various types of marine animals and coral reefs will spoil every pair of diving and snorkeling lovers.

    But for those of you who lack the sport of this one, these tour managers have been providing submarine to feel the sensation of the underwater. Not only for adult tourists, but also for children and toddlers can also enjoy the underwater charm of Labuhan Amuk beach.

    Even many still do not know about submarine facilities in Labuhan Amuk is the only submarine in Bali even in Indonesia. This submarine is called Oddyssey Submarine. This submarine will take you around exploring the beauty of underwater life.

    To be able to use this facility, visitors only need to pay Rp. 550,000 for adults, Rp. 380 for tourists aged 5-12 years and Rp. 110,000 for toddlers. There is also a parking package for one family of Rp. 1,680,000, and can enjoy the sea view for 45 minutes.

    Facilities at Labuhan Amuk Karangasem Beach

    Other facilities that can be given by the tourist attractions is a comfortable bathroom, a spacious and safe parking area, various water games such as canoe, banana boat, donuts, diving, snorkeling and others, as well as various places to shop and Meals are also well-available, although not as complete as other famous beaches.

    Ticket Price of Labuhan Amuk Karangasem Beach

    To be able to enter this beach area, visitors only need to pay a parking rental of Rp. 5000 for cars without having to pay for admission to the beach again. You can say the entrance ticket on this beach is free.

    So how? Are you not interested in this one tourist attraction. Various facilities are provided and excellence that this beach has at a very friendly price. This beach is very well-visited with friends and family.

    Yeh Malet

    The natural atmosphere at Yeh Malet Lake Karangasem often makes visitors compare it to the atmosphere abroad. There is a mention that this place has a view that is not much different than in Japan. However, not a few also try to compare the scenery on Yeh Malet Lake with the view in Europe.

    Instagramable and natural atmosphere at Yeh Malet Lake Karangasem
    This lake was once an unmaintained lake. In fact, the water here tends to be dirty and polluted. This is evidenced by the abundance of water hyacinth plants in the lake. However, the neighborhood lover Group from Karangasem getol in cleaning it. The impact is also real, now the existence of Lake Yeh Malet Karangasem can be utilized directly by the community.

    guide to holidays in karangasem bali
    Credit: kintamani.id

    During the stay at Yeh Malet Lake, tourists can enjoy the atmosphere that is so beautiful and instagramable. Enceng goiter that used to be so much, has now begun to diminish. In fact, the remaining water hyacinth deliberately laid out so that looks more beautiful. One of them is the water hyacinth arrangement with the inscription I Love You in the middle of the lake.

    Not only that, the beautiful view on the lake is also due to its natural atmosphere. Adan will find the three hills that surround the lake. The three hills are central hill in the west, Bukit Ceeng in the North Corner, and Bukit Catu which can be found in the northeast.

    Travel activities in Lake Yeh Malet Karangasem

    During the stay at Yeh Malet Lake Karangasem, tourists can also do various interesting activities. Moreover, a visit to Yeh Malet Lake can be done for free. You can also spend time to hunt instagramable photos during here. Not only that, enjoying the scenery while waiting for the afternoon also not less fun.

    In addition, there are also paid tourist attractions that can be found at Yeh Malet Lake Karangasem. The attraction is a raft boat that was deliberately made by people from bamboo. The raft can be rented by tourists to travel around the lake with the area reaching 7 hectares. The rent is also very cheap. You only need to pay RP10 thousand money and you can use unlimited raft boat.

    Location of Yeh Malet Lake Karangasem
    Yeh Malet Lake Karangasem can be found in Yeh Malet Hamlet in Antiga Lot village in Manggis District, Karangasem Regency. While in this place, tourists should keep the attitude. Moreover, Yeh Malet Lake is an area considered sacred by the local people. Water from the lake is regarded as a holy water often used for various religious ceremonies.

    In addition, make sure to keep the tourist spot clean, yes! Moreover, the local community has been working hard to clean it. Obviously, it would be detrimental to the cleanliness that they have been keeping turned down by the tourists.

    Malls in Karangasem

    Hardy's Mall.

    Museums in Karangasem

    The underwater Museum will be built on 2016

    Nightlife in Karangasem

    • Rasta Bar
    • Amedzendivers

    Recommended culinary dining in Karangasem:

    • Warung Padang Kecag, Banjar Mendira, the village of Sengkidu Candidasa Karangasem
    • Warung Boni, Candidasa and Karangasem
    • Vincent's, Candidasa
    • The restaurant, Karangasem
    • Warung Komang, Jalan Tulamben, Karangasem
    • Bali Original Street, Karangasem
    • Dream Garden, Jalan Raya Seraya, Karangasem
    • Warung Tengah Lesehan, Kubu Highway, Karangasem
    • Swiss Bakery, Jalan Tumbalen, Karangasem
    • Sea Hua Ha Ha Dive Bar, Karangasem – Singaraja Highway
    • The Bamboo Restaurant

    Travel Tips in Karangasem

    • Look for information on car and motorcycle rentals before heading to Karangasem through your Internet search or acquaintances. This makes it easier for you to travel in the area.
    • Prepare your budget to purchase Karangasem souvenirs in the form of processed Salak and various unique handicrafts.

    Hotels in Karangasem

    There are several inns and hotels in Karangasem that you can use to stay as below:

    • Beten Waru Bungalow and Restaurant, Jalan Bunutan District of Abang Karangasem, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80852
    • Amed Dream Hotel & Ibus Beach Club , amed Banyuning Highway No. 888, KARANGASEM, Indonesia, 80852
    • Nirwana Resort & Spa, Sengkidu Highway, Candidasa, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80871
    • Dewa Bharata Bungalow Candidasa, Highway Candidasa, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80851
    • Kerti Beach Bungalows, Jl Silayukti, Padang Bai, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80871
    • Akasa Villa Tulamben, Jalan Kubu No. 88 X, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80853
    • Double One Villas Amed II, Lipah Highway, Bunutan, Lipah, Amed, 80361 Amed, Indonesia, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80361
    • D'tunjung Resort & Spa, Karangasem Candidasa Street, Karangasem, Indonesia
    • Crystal Beach Bali, mJalan Ndalem Agung Mendira, Sengkidu, Candidasa, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80871
    • The riverside of the Guest House and Restaurant, the village of Sasting Gunung, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80864
    • Bloo Lagoon Village, Jalan. Silayukti Padangbai, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80872
    • Rising Star Beach Resort, Jalan Raya Bunutan, Amed, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80239
    • Pazzo Bali, Jalan Raya Bunutan – Amed, Amed, Bali, Indonesia, Karangasem, Indonesia
    • Kangkung Cottages, Jasri Beach Road, Karangasem, Karangasem, Indonesia
    • Dasa Wana Resort, Candidasa Highway, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80871
    • Harmony Guest House, Silayukti III Highway No. 7, Candi Dasa, Karangasem, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80872
    • Wawa Wewe II Villas, Lipah Highway – Bunutan – Amed – Karangasem – Bali, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80852
    • Rama Candidasa Dive & Spa Resort, Sengkidu Highway, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80801
    • Discovery Candidasa Cottages & Villas, Jalan Pantai Indah No. 06, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80851
    • Bali Bhuana Villas, Jalan amed – Bunutan, Karangasem, Indonesia, 80852

    History of Karangasem

    The name Karangasem comes from the word Karang Semadi. Based on Sading C inscription in Geria Mandara revealed that Mount Lempuyang in the northeast of Amlapura was originally named Adri Karang which means Mount Karang. In 1072 Saka, Bathara Guru decreed his son, Srik Maharaja Jayasakti or Hyang Agnijaya to come to Bali. His task is to make the Temple (Dharma) for inner birth salvation for the island of gods.

    Hyang Agnijaya with his brothers, Sambhu, Brahma, Indra and Vishnu dating to Adri Karang or Mount Lempuyang as the choice of Bathara Guru as a place to spread his love for the salvation of mankind. Lempuyang is associated with the word lamp which means to be elected and Hyang meaning God. Hyang Agnijaya created Pura Lempuyang Luhur as a place to Bersemadi (Karang Semadi) that gradually transformed into Karangasem.

    Local language in Karangasem

    In general, the language of the region used in Karangasem is the delicate Balinese language. There are two types of Balinese refined language, namely the medium smooth Balinese language to speak to the unknown or the common and the Balinese language smooth high level for indigenous activities or to speak to the public and saints.

    Climate in Karangasem

    Karangasem has a tropical climate that is influenced by two types of seasons, namely the dry season from April to October and the rainy season from November to March. The highest rainfall occurs in October with an average rainfall of 182 mm.


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