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Backpacking to Bali Itinerary in One Week

If you have a long time, one week for example, the most fitting itinerary is to explore most of the southern Part of Bali . Assuming one week is 7 days, almost most of the interesting spots in the southern part of Bali can be visited. Assuming arrival at night, or the night before Day 1, here's the recommended itinerary .

Backpacking to Bali Itinerary in one week

Day 1

Starting with a little slow pace, get to know Kuta area/Kuta beach on foot or jogging.

Hunting Seafood at Kedonganan Fish Market, as well as lunch.

Enjoy sunset at Dreamland Beach.

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Day 2

See the sunrise at Sanur Beach.

Explore Serangan Island.

Explore Mangrove Forest.

Enjoy Sunset at Jimbaran Bay, on Kelan Beach.

Day 3

Explore the Nusa Dua area

Explore the Uluwatu area

See the surfers at Suluban Beach, as well as enjoy sunset on this beach.

Day 4

Explore Padang Beach Padang

Explore Balangan Beach

Dinner in Jimbaran

Day 5

A few senses in Amed, East Bali.

Visit Bali Whitesand Beach's Finest beach

Day 6

Enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of Bwant beach all day, take off the tired afternoons after explore most of Bali.

Day 7

Hunting a little by by for families will be more enjoyable at the last day.

Before returning to the routine, don't miss enjoying the sunset at Kuta Beach, make sure to take a night flight when returning from Bali.

Approximate Backpacking to Bali Budget Itinerary in one week The estimated Budget is only a definite expenditure with a lower cost estimate for the most economical expenditure, and an estimate of the top cost at a normal cost. Budget by by is not included because each person must be different, the reserve should be 10-30 percent from budget.

No Item Estimated cost below Estimated cost of Total Subtotal charge down Subtotal charge over Description
1 Transport from Airport to Kuta District Inn 20000 50000 2 (Times) 20000 50000 Return, go from Airport
2 Inns 90000 200000 7 (Night) 630000 1.4 million rental lodging for a week or more can be discounted, try the bargain.
3 Dining 10000 30000 15 (Times) 150000 450000 Breakfast is considered Free from the inn
4 Rental Motor 40000 50000 7 (days) 280000 350000 Rent a motorcycle for a long time can usually be discounted, try to be negotiable
5 tourist attraction tickets + parking + petrol 200000 200000 & #8211; 200000 200000 & #8211;
Total 1280000 2450000 & #8211;



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