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Solo Backpacker to Lombok from Jakarta

Lombok Natural Scenery that is so charming indeed is curious. Not a single corner on the island that escapes the beauty. The stunning Panorama is seen starting when set foot at the airport to the end of its territory. No wonder this place has always been a favorite destination for travelers from inside and outside the country.

But what if your budget for leisure to Lombok is limited? Don't worry; You can travel solo backpacker. Besides the cost-effective, more freely choose the destination you want to visit. Let's check out the tips for travel to Lombok Island with the following solo backpacker.

Journey to Lombok Island from Jakarta

To reach Lombok Island quickly and cheap, you can choose airway by airplane. But don't worry your spending will swell if you book a plane ticket in the right place, such as through the Airy website. Through Airy, Lion Air flight tickets and other airlines to Lombok Island will get you cheaper and easier.

After landing at Lombok International Airport, take the Damri bus bound for Mataram city center. For one trip, it costs about Rp 25.000-35,000. This bus ride takes approximately 50 minutes to Pool Damri.

Looking for Backpacker accommodation around Mataram City

Solo Backpacker to Lombok from Jakarta
(Photo: Airyrooms)

Mataram City is the capital of West Nusa Tenggara, so it is not difficult to find backpacker accommodation in the area. For simple accommodation criteria only; Important facilities are available. For example, there is a TV, air conditioning, a clean bed, toiletries, drinking water, and free WiFi.

The most important thing, the lodging is safe from crime. Make sure the items remain intact even after all day. For reference, you can find lodging with these criteria in Cakranegara and Gomong areas. If you want for free, please stay overnight at the backpacker's special Mataram stopover House, or you can find budget accommodation accommodations in Lombok from the online travel agency .

Fulfilling the first night in Lombok with a culinary tour

Solo Backpacker to Lombok from Jakarta
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The most fun area for looking for cheap eats, namely in Cakranegara area. There are many tent stalls that sell various culinary typical of Lombok. You can taste the chicken Taliwang Udin concept Street food before the crossroad Cakranegara. The chicken was very good. Spicy and savory mixed so one.

In the outskirts of Cakranegara area there are seafood stalls. It is located approximately 200 meters after the Ruby Supermarket, just to the left of the road. There is also the culinary duck sambal ijo which is in the north of MGM Cakranegara. The cuisine is not only delicious, but also cheap.

Exploring Lombok from Mataram City tour to Gili Trawangan

Solo Backpacker to Lombok from Jakarta
(Photo: Pixabay)

The next day, the adventure starts from Mataram City. The first place to visit is Narmada Park. Through Narmada Park, you can see the miniature of Mount Rinjani and the old Lombok picture. This place is also mentioned as a cultural and historical description on the island of Lombok.

From Narmada Park, the trip continues to Senggigi Beach. The best time to visit this beach, namely in the morning and evening. The reason is, when the sun is showing its attractive.

When you're happy to explore Senggigi beach, proceed to Gili Trawangan. Access to it must be via Bangsal Harbor which is located in the direct direction of this beach. You live a vehicle from the Senggigi area to the end; That's where the port location.

Arriving at Bangsal Harbour, all visitors can board a ship provided by the locals. Usually, the rent price for one-time crossing is around Rp 15,000-20,000. About 15 minutes later, the boat arrived at Gili Trawangan Pier.

Gili Trawangan has become a creative economic area so it has complete facilities. You will find many cool lodging at a cheap cost in the region. So, it's best not to hurry home when you reach Trawangan. Explore the nature of Gili Trawangan by biking, riding a cidomo or walking.

Well, that's the traveling Seru to Lombok-style solo backpacker that you can emulate. To be comfortable during the trip, make sure to pack items in one backpack. In addition, bring maps, safeguards, and communication tools. Don't forget to book flight tickets to Lombok from the far-away day.


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