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4 Recommended Cheap Villas in Bali for Groups of people, Start from $100

Bali is still a favorite destination for tourists, both local and foreign. Because this beautiful island stores stunning natural beauty. The culinary is also worth trying and making you homesick.

In addition, accommodation in Bali is also commonly found by offering various facilities.

If you is on vacation with family and has a limited budget, don't be confused.

Several inexpensive family villas in Bali for groups of people with prices starting from $100 only.

1. Villa Marjens 🏕

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Villa Marjens

Cheap family villa in Bali is Villa Marjens. Located on Jl. Taman Sari, Kerobokan, Badung, Bali, this villa has a location that is no less strategic than the others.

Because it is located on the border of Seminyak Kerobokan, Friend Friends only need to take 5 minutes to get to Seminyak, 10 minutes to get to Kuta Beach, and 5 minutes to Batu Buling Beach. Providing swimming pool facilities, guests only need to pay $110 or Rp1.5 million for eight people per night for a total of 4 room.

2. Gunung Catur Villa 🏕

Image by Gunung Catur Villa

Located on Jl. Mt. Chess, II No. 7, Denpasar, this villa can be used as a reference for staying with the group. Various facilities are also provided for guests such as swimming pool, terrace to relax, and a balcony with beautiful views. Besides that, this villa also has a location not far from Ubung Bus Station.

The location of this cheap family villa in Bali is also close to several culinary destinations such as Geisha Cafe, Mc Donald's fast food restaurant, and Kerobokan Market. To stay here, Friends Traveler only needs to prepare a budget of around $100 or Rp1.3 million per night with a total of 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

3. D’Abode Villa 🏕

Image by D’Abode Villa

D'Abode is located at Jl. Shooter No. 82, Denpasar Bali. This property has several advantages such as being close to the beach, which is a 7 minute walk. In addition, the hotel is also close to culinary destinations such as Batu Jimbar cafe, Kopi Bali House, Sindhu Market, and others.

Facilities provided are swimming pools for guests. If Friend Traveler is interested in staying here, prepare a budget of around $110 or Rp1.6 million for 8 people per night with a total of 4 bedrooms.

4. Villa Gede Batulumbang 🏕

Image by Villa Gede Batulumbang

Villa Gede Batulumbang is located on Jl. Raya Denpasar, Tabanan, Bali, this villa provides facilities in the form of 3 bedrooms, with 3 bathrooms, and For eight people, this villa sets a price of $80 IDR 874 thousand per night. One of the cheap family villas in Bali that is a must try

That is list of cheap family villas in Bali that can be chosen while on vacation together with family or gang friends. Joint ventures are much more economical. Villas in Bali are cheap right?

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